Lost in Translation?

I recently downloaded a free book onto my Kindle which was so badly written, that it made very little sense. It struck me that perhaps it had been translated from a different language using software like Google Translate.

As I have a rather a disturbed mind, at about 5 am this morning, I started thinking about experimenting with translation software. I decided to test what would happen if I used two different pieces of software to translate an English poem into several languages multiple times and then back to English. A bit like a techno-translation version of chinese whispers if you will. I wondered whether the result would keep the meaning of the original work, or whether it would be a garbled mess. I also had an inkling that the end product would be humourous and could even give me some inspiration for writing my own poems.  Well I need wonder no more – I used quite a famous poem by a this guy


and here’s the result (can you identify the original work?):

I like a cloud with solitude
hover the gulch and mountain and float to the sea
at one time I saw a multi
when narcisele host of gold
by the creek under the woods
and dance in the wind
like the shining star
on milky way with continuous
there is no end line extends
to the gulf edge
10,000 skimmed and seen
I saw a pulsating dance throw in the head
next to the gesture dance with joy
but they out glowing in the leaves
a poet must not be gay
was not like the merry party!
I was staring at little thinking
I have to show what affluence is:(often secondary)
when I lie to my sofa often
I am unoccupied on top of a lie
the mind’s eye sparkles
they blink by the ecstasy; it is lonely
and in my mind and be
willing to fill with dances

It isn’t exactly as it was churned out, I had to put it back into lines/verses as best I could, to follow the original pattern. It’s certainly an unique offering and in my opinion, there are some quite good lines in amongst all the garbled stuff too. Plus, I think it’s a more rewarding read and makes more sense than the Kindle book that inspired it.

So, have you guessed what it is yet? The first line is a dead giveaway, the photo at the top of my previous post should also give you a big clue…


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