Customer Satisfaction (Gigolo Style)

The Gigolo
Rugged and handsome with perennial tangigolo
Distinctive and stylish, a real ladies man
Wining and dining all goes on the tab
Along with “entertainment” in the back of a cab
An invite for coffee at his hotel
This Romeo won’t kiss and tell
An exquisite encounter, but where will it end?
That all depends on how much you spend
Contract sealed and ready for action
Destination set for satisfaction
Even though he may be fit to burst
He makes sure his customers always…
…come first

About Coach D

Running Coach and experienced distance runner.
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5 Responses to Customer Satisfaction (Gigolo Style)

  1. poolsidelaureate says:

    Nice, nasty ending! Good work Dai!

  2. poolsidelaureate says:

    Have you seen my poem ‘The Gentleman in Red Plaid Pants’? Similar theme 😉

  3. neerajsharma says:

    I want join gigolo job

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