A Problem Shared

My kids have both got colds at the moment and are snuffling and sneezing about the house, splattering every surface (and me) in mucus as they go. Making me wish that I hadn’t just spent a week redecorated the lounge. Actually, I don’t think it matters when I decorate, as they also both suffer with hayfever and seem to secrete sticky stuff constantly all year round.

I suppose it’s one of the unspoken joys of parenthood, to have your immune system bombarded constantly with every virus known to man – courtesy of your own offspring. [They normally save the really nasty unknown ones to just before we go on holiday/vacation, so as I’m incapacitated and still need time to recuperate, once the holiday’s over]. On the plus side, my impending case of almost terminal man-flu has given me inspiration for another poem:


A problem shared is a problem halved

Or at least that’s what we’re told

But the fact is my dear, that just isn’t true

When the problem is your cold.


About Coach D

Running Coach and experienced distance runner.
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