Dogs Best Friend


Springtime has well and truly arrived at last. So, I’ve finally been able to dust off my old bicycle and have been using it to commute to work. My favourite route takes me along a section of canal path, which is also very popular with joggers and dog walkers.

Last week, I had a close encounter with a lady dog walker, who seemed rapt in the beauty of the misty morning and oblivious to my approach from behind. Even though my bikes wheels were squeaking loudly and I rang my bell. Her dog was much more alert and barked at me. This startled the lady and she pivoted on her heels to see why her dog was yapping. As she did so, the little plastic bag she was carrying in her left hand (containing her beloved pooches, fresh bowel movements) swung out in my direction. Fortunately, it didn’t make contact, but with slightly differing timing it could have. Thus another of my poetic ditties was set in motion:

Dogs Best Friend

On warm sunny mornings, down by the canals,
trudge humans with canines – their supposed best pals!
I often wonder which is the smarter species.
The one that can’t read, at the front of the lead?
Or the one on-tow, clutching a small bag of faeces?

About Coach D

Running Coach and experienced distance runner.
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