Dance School

My daughter, like many others her age (9) likes to dance and sing. She’s been going to dance lessons once or twice a week for several years – She studies Ballet, Tap & Modern.

A couple of weeks ago, it was the end of term and we got the chance to go and see what she’d learned and how she’d progressed that term. As I sat with the other parents watching their little darlings fidget, pick their noses and readjust their leotards, in between change of music tracks and instructions from the teacher, a poem started to form in my head. Helped along nicely I’m sure, by my having read some Spike Milligan earlier in the day. And here it is:

Tap Dance PracticeDancer
Tippity tappity tip tap tip
Tapping the toes with a flip of the hip
Pause for some water – take a big sip
Then pump up the volume and really let rip
It took me a little while to get around to scribbling a dancing girl doodle to go with it.Hope you like it.


About Coach D

Running Coach and experienced distance runner.
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