A trip down memory lane with – Ronnie Barker

RonnieBarkerPlaqueI’ve recently been away on holidays – camping with my family near the sea in east Sussex. We had a lovely time, thanks for asking and in many ways it was reminiscent of my own childhood holidays spent under canvas. Perhaps for that reason, I found myself being a tad nostalgic in my quiet moments.

One evening, as I lay attempting to sleep, whilst enduring enjoying the noise of a torrential down-pour and gale force winds trying to destroy my tent. I found myself considering why I came to like humorous verse and parody in particular. I’ve previously written about how one of my first teachers was a big inspiration. But I also think some of the TV I watched as a child was a major influence. Programmes like the Two Ronnies. Especially their musical parodies, which I believe were for the main part written by Ronnie Barker (a great and sorely missed comedic talent).

Thankfully, due to modern technology and the internet, these days your never wanting for a trip down nostalgia avenue. So once I’d returned home and reacquainted myself with the comforts of modern life and fired up the broad-band connection I googled Barker until satiated. Here are some of the videos I’ve recently watched on Youtube, which give a flavour of what I used to enjoy as a child. They still make me chuckle, but I suspect if this is your first exposure you may not fully understand/share my enthusiasm for them. For that, I think you had to be there at the time, wearing flared patch-pocket trousers and stripey tank-top knit-wear.

I’m sure it’s because of programmes like the Two Ronnies that I seem to constantly be creating my own parody versions of songs in my head as I listen to them. You should try it – it’s a lot of fun and a perfect workout for the rhyming muscles 🙂

Wish I had half the talent/ability of big Ron. Shame he couldn’t have bequeathed it to me before he died – or anybody else for that matter.


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