Marathon Man (I hanka for a decent Tanka)

Am-Mara-No-2013Marathon Man

Morning; I awake
with stiffness in my lank legs.
Yesterdays long run
has taken its toll on my
ungrateful, ageing body.

I love running and in fact my first blog (now defunct) was dedicated to my two-legged exploits. But, after a little while, I felt more strongly about my poetic bent. So it was scrapped and I started this one, to give more scope for my creative outpourings.

Anyway, as I’ve just returned home having completed the Amsterdam Marathon on Sunday. I remembered this Tanka that I’d written recently as a competition entry for wePoets Show It. And I decided to whack it on me blog, instead of letting it rot in my rejected poems pile.

It probably never made the shortlist because it doesn’t strictly follow the requirements of a Tanka – to wax lyrically about nature, the seasons or strong emotions. Or more likely as there were better poems on offer.

If your curious as to how my marathon experience went, this video pretty much sums it up:

I was also amused by a hand written sign that was stuck to a lamppost at about the 20 mile mark that simply said: “Who needs toenails anyway


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Running Coach and experienced distance runner.
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