Take Your Poet To Work Day

I’m taking Edgar Allan Poe to work tomorrow and it’s not very often I get to say those words. Once a year for the last 2 years to be precise. In case your thinking that I’ve completely lost the plot (again) – let me explain. Tomorrow is “Take Your Poet To Work Day” as started by the clever-cloggses at tweetspeak poetry. This is how it works:

Take Your Poet to Work Day

So what you waiting for – get printing, colouring (or coloring if on the other side of the pond 😉 ), cutting out and take a poet to work.

PS I would have preferred to take Ogden Nash, but he’s not in the book. But anyways Ed’ A’ Po will do as he’s a Raven Loony (pun intended, if a little contrived) with a dark and twisted mind – just like me






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2 Responses to Take Your Poet To Work Day

  1. LW Lindquist says:

    Thanks so much for sharing the news about Take Your Poet to Work Day. 🙂 (And we’ll be sure to add Nash to the list of possibilities for next year’s celebration.) We’d love if you tweeted to us tomorrow with a photo of EAP at work. 🙂

  2. Dai Verse says:

    You’re most welcome & I would love it if Nash could be available next year. I’ll see what I can do with a photo of Po.



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