An Ode To Your Nightie

A funny poem about a nightie

Flimsy, flouncy little nightie
Which doth cling e’er so tightly
To your pendulous, saggy tits
And your smelly hairy bits
Keeping all just out of sight
Through the hours of the night
Covering things so unsightly
Thank god for that little nightie


I’ve been having a little rummage in my archives this week, due to a sudden onset of nostalgia (it happens from time to time – I find that giving in to it is the best option and it soon passes). For some reason this poem grabbed my attention and inspired me to get my doodle-on.

It’s worth bearing in mind whilst reading it, that I had in mind that it should be recited in a deep Scottish accent. I think I wrote this in the early 1980’s and it was inspired by a poem called “Dear Flo” or something similar. Which I believe was either by Spike Milligan or Peter Cook/Dudley Moore and was probably the reason for the Scottish accent thing too.

Have a good weekend folks.


About Coach D

Running Coach and experienced distance runner.
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