A funny poem about facebook

A Funny Facebook Poem About Facebook

I post on my wall when I’m Happy.
I post on my wall when I’m sad.
I post on my wall for no reason at all,
and upload snaps of food I’ve just had.

I’m ever so popular on facebook.
I’ve got nine-hundred-and-eighty best friends.
What? – no, of course I’ve not met them all!
That’s a custom our deep-bond transcends.


For those that prefer to listen to the spoken word, I’ve recorded this poem and you can listen to it here: Chirbit


This is my stab at a social media light-verse piece. If you think you can do better, I’d love to read your work (email it to me: submissions@tap-p.com). You never know, your poem could end up in 21st century Verse.

Come-on, I’ve set the bar pretty low…




About Dave Sollis

Poet/muso/sketch-doodler/marathon-runner, founder of The Amorphous Poetry Project and Tap Publishing UK http://tappublishing.uk/blog/
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