That Guy At The Bar by Trinity Nicholas

That Guy At The Bar a funny poem by Trinity Nicholas

That Guy At The Bar by Trinity Nicholas

Johnny, that joker, is delusional.
He made himself up a life.
He shut the door on reality
and on six kids and a wife.

He harps about funky adventures
and love stories sweet and sad.
He misses his sultry mistress,
whom he never in the first place had.

Some nights at the bar he’s a fireman,
and some nights he’s a war vet.
He has a long list of famous friends,
all of whom he’s never met.

He tells tall tales of storming sea shores.
He’s been a marine.
He’s seen everything
in his fabricated wars.

If you’re sick, he knows what’s ailing you.
He knows just what you should take.
He’s saved millions of lives, you know,
back when he wasn’t a lifeguard at the lake.

Johnny’s had top missions from corporations.
He’s trusted by CEOs.
He’s recognized in the finest hotels,
and everywhere else he goes.

Johnny knows the best way,
to perform nearly every task.
and if you want the mysteries of the world revealed,
just find Johnny and ask!

Johnny could get any woman he wants.
He could hold down any job.
But stability would make him lazy,
and Johnny doesn’t want to be a slob.

Johnny, that joker, can teach us
that in life you don’t have to achieve.
Just spew your lies with confidence,
and someone, some where, will believe.


This poem was submitted by Trinity Nicholas from West Virginia.

Trinity is a social worker, writer, member of West Virginia Writers and a three-time winner of their People’s Choice Award. She has written for the Charleston Daily Mail and has been published in several poetry anthologies. Trinity also has a blog, where you can sample some of her writing:

One of Trinity’s other poems has also been shortlisted for inclusion in 21st Century Verse. There’s still a couple of weeks left to submit your poems for consideration too…

Have a good weekend folks.



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2 Responses to That Guy At The Bar by Trinity Nicholas

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you again for publishing my piece! I love the artwork :).

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