The – Spanish Slug – Invasion

Spanish Slug devouring Hostas. Wearing Sombrero and clacking castanets.
My garden once was green and lush.
Until on mass there came a mush
of leaf munching slimy things.
Vegetation annihilating thugs…
 …an invasion of Spanish Slugs.
I’ve tried to stop them but I can’t.
They’ve decimated every plant.
In my shrubbery they dine like kings.
Sombrero wearing baronets…
…proudly clacking their castanets.

MySlugRavagedHostasUnfortunately, this poem is based on fact. Yes, it’s true, as evidenced in this photo of my hostas (the inspiration for the above doodle), these randy little moluscs have recently laid waste to my garden. Though, I hadn’t realised that they were invaders from foreign shores until I read this News Article. Hence my use of very outdated racial stereotype references in my poem. My apologies to my European cousins.

Have a good weekend folks & may the muse be with you. I’m off to lay some more beer traps…



About Coach D

Running Coach and experienced distance runner.
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2 Responses to The – Spanish Slug – Invasion

  1. rhymesontheside says:

    I hope it’s not a case of “Y Viva Esluggia”. Sangria traps?

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