Dai Verse

     Dai Verse –  Six foot two, with eyes of blue.                       A poet and a guitarist too.

Name: David Sollis AKA Dai Verse.
Height: 6’2”
Weight: Perfect for my height – honestly it is, the photo doesn’t do me justice
Hair: Plenty – but not much where it should be – Ok I’m bald
Born: Yes (once thus far) in the late 1960’s in South Wales – moved to England in 1991
Married: Yes – once
Parent: Yes – twice – one of each
Legs/Arms/Eyes/Ears: Yes – 2 each
Employed: Yes – for the foreseeable future at least
Hobbies/Interests: Yes lots, those with relevance to this site – include (in no particular order):

As you can probably tell by now, I try not to take life or myself too seriously, which is reflected in my writing (as is my love of the hyphen). In fact, you might say, I’m a bit like Peter Pan. I can’t fly and I don’t hang around with faeries, or spend a worrying amount of time with small children – it’s just that in some ways, I’ve never really grown-up.

I’ve been reading and writing poetry since childhood. I have a particular penchant for rhyming forms – especially light verse, limericks and parody. Though, I’m not yet the badass MoPo I aspire to be. If I’m honest, my own output is of varying quality and I’m not exactly prolific either. So, that’s why I decided to publish books containing others’ works in preference to my own.

TAPP is an acronym of The Amorphous Poetry Project – which is the highly imaginative name I came up with for this website/blog. [I give an account of how I came up with the name at the end of the first published TAPP anthology – All Said & Done. Available now from all good book retailers whilst stocks last – nudge, nudge…] Basically, it does what it says on the tin – it’s my project about poetry and it’s evolving constantly. Plus I really like the word Amorphous and I have a fetish for plumbing...

In case you hadn’t noticed, or you were perplexed in any way by the website banner/logo. It’s a tap (faucet) full of cheerful people, which is producing a book instead of water – I know pure genius and all my own work.

Please feel free to peruse the site, submit some poetry, make a comment, like a post, perhaps even share it with friends, colleagues, loved ones or your social worker.

NB: I own the copyright for all content generated by me (e.g: creative writing/blog posts and articles, poems, pictures, sketches, graphics, music, animation – the whole shebang!) on this site except where stated otherwise. You’re welcome to link to anything you like. But please do not copy/use any of it without first asking for permission. Or I’ll send the boys ’round – Capiche?!

Thank you.