inFrequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you think all poetry should rhyme?
A: No, but I do prefer rhyming forms.
Q: Can you teach me to write poetry?
A: Ask me again in 2o years when I’ve learned myself. In the meantime I’d recommend – The Ode Less Travelled: Unlocking the Poet Within written by the dashing and erudite – Stephen Fry
Q: Some of the drawings on your site are quite good and a bit different, did you draw them? Can you teach me to draw like you?
A: Yes, I drew them myself, but I can’t teach you to draw. Mainly because I use magic crayons infused with rare celtic pixie-dust, and without them, I have no artistic talent whatsoever.
Q: Your a Welsh poet – do you know Dylan Thomas?
A: Yes absolutely, what’s more LLoyd George knew my father & my father knew LLoyd George.
Q: I notice that monies from the TAPP poetry anthology All Said & Done goes to charity. So, does that make you a bit like Robin Hood?
A: Yes, except for the fact that don’t wear tights or live in Sherwood Forest with a bunch of other men. I do have a couple of hooded tops though. Oh – one other pertinent difference – I don’t rob people and distribute their wealth to the needy. But I do publish/sell stuff and give monies to charities from time to time.
Q: Are you Santa?
A: Absolutely – and I also moonlight as the Tooth Fairy and the Lochness Monster.



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