Please read all of the following carefully before e-mailing us your submission.


  • TAPP prefers short pithy poetry – ideally in a traditional rhyming form, but we consider poems of any length and style, including modern forms and free verse. We’re looking for poems that are funny or trigger a strong response. Something that can make us laugh or cry. We would prefer you to submit several poems as opposed to a single poem, but no more than six at a time.
  • We read all work received and accept what we consider best/most suitable. Unfortunately, we don’t have the resource to give individual criticism/feedback.
  • We will consider anything that has been previously published or accepted for publication, anywhere, in any form, provided that you retain the copyright.
  • Simultaneous submissions to other publishers are also not a problem for us.
  • TAPP accepts submissions year-round.
  • TAPP only accepts submissions via e-mail.
  • The e-mail you send must have a single text file attachment containing all your poems. The attached file must be in one of the following formats: Word Document (.doc) file, Rich Text Format (.rtf) file, Portable Document Format (.pdf) file. No other file types can be opened and may be discarded. All poems should be submitted in this single file, with poems separated by titles and/or page breaks. Please also include – your name (this must be your real name, not a pen-name), mailing address and e-mail address at the head of the first page of the text file. If the poems have been published, please note where/when in brackets after the title.
  • The e-mail subject line should contain your name and the word “submission” – e.g: “Jane Poet – Submission”.
  • If we decide to publish some of your poetry, we will contact you to confirm that you’re still happy for us to use your work. At this time we will also ask whether you wish to be noted as the author or if you would prefer the work to be “anonymous” or use a pen-name.
  • By submitting to TAPP, you give us your guarantee that you are the author and sole copyright holder of the work submitted.
  • After making a submission, please don’t send revisions of any of your poems while they are being considered. If we decide we’d like to publish them, you will have an opportunity to revise them when we confirm this to you.
  • You should receive an automatic receipt confirmation e-mail when your submission is received by our e-mail server. Please allow 48 hours for this to arrive and check your spam/junk-mail folders before contact us to query receipt.
  • We will do our best to respond within 6-8 weeks, but we may take longer (please be patient – we all have day jobs). If you don’t get a response within 2 months, you can assume that your work is not of interest. To a large extent the theme of our current working title will govern our choice of content. So our decision is not necessarily a reflection of the quality of your work. If we don’t choose your work, it may still be accepted elsewhere.
  • Copyright always remains with you the poet, so you can use it wherever else and however else you choose. When you make a submission you grant TAPP a non-exclusive licence to publish any or all of the material you submit. This means that TAPP can publish your works in print or electronic form and they may also be used on TAPP’s website or for any publicity/marketing purposes using whatever media is deemed by TAPP to be most suitable for that purpose. You will always be acknowledged as the author.
  • Items published by TAPP will remain available in its archive files indefinitely.
  • TAPP is unable to make cash payments for the poetry that it uses. However, poets/contributors will receive an electronic copy of the publication in which their work appears and may also be offered a free print copy or discounted print copies. There may also be the opportunity to win free print copies via competition. NB – We’re not a vanity press and we do not ask for payment for inclusion in any of our publications and you are not obligated to buy a publication containing your work if you don’t want to.
  • These guidelines/terms are subject to change without prior notice.
  • By making a submission you agree that you have read and agreed with all of these guidelines/terms.

Please make your submission via this email address: